Star Party @ Anjana with Kiran Keerthi & Team, Bangalore Astonomical Society 11 Feb. 2014

Our high school students had a marvelous time peeping into satellites of Jupiter and get close to the moon through a Celestron Telescope.  Kiran Keerthi & his team, accompanied with our volunteers of Prayas team,  started with a classroom session on the night sky and basics of sky watching.  Excitement was at its peak and everyone was eager to get to the playground and to the telescope.   The stray light from the nearby quarry and the temple did not diminish the enthusiasm.  Students and the teachers relished the experience of viewing the most respected planet  ‘Jupiter’ and the most loved object in the sky, the Moon.Thank you Keerthi and Thank you Prayas for introducing us to the heavens above.  IMAG0616IMAG0617IMAG0618IMAG0627IMAG0631IMAG0628Coordinated by : Reeshma and Navaneetha.

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