Science Festival at Anjana on Saturday February 15, 2014

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Saturday, 15th of February 2014 was a memorable day for the children and teachers of Anjana Vidya Kendra School.  It was indeed an ideal day and  setting to converge and celebrate science in a rural school,  hidden between the villages at the far end of dusty roads away from hustle and bustle of the city. The Science festival conducted as part of CSIR-NAL school adoption program was designed to create excitement and get rural students interested in learning science.

About 180 students of Anjana Vidya Kendra School (from 3rd grade to 10th grade) showed- off their skills in demonstrating  more than 60 science experiments and activities.  More than  200 students and teachers from the nearby schools in Mugalur and Kalkunte region relished the excitement by seeing and talking science  the entire day.  The day’s program apart from presentations by our young scientists also included a few professional presentations and flight demonstration of Micro Air Vehicle from the real research scientists of the sponsoring group,   the CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories.

The Director of the laboratory Sri. Shyam Chetty was the chief guest; he was accompanied by his wife Smt. Surekha and their son Nikhil.  The team from CSIR-NAL included Dr. J.S Mathur, Head of the Knowledge & Technology Management Division and the coordinator of the event Smt. Gomathy Sankaran and Sri. Mohan of the same division, Scientists Dr. Satyamurthy of Propulsion Division and Dr. Raveendran, Head of Horticulture, Mr. Naveen of Electrical Section.

The day commenced with a short inaugural program with children welcoming guests with flowers and chanting vedic hymns and the chief guest lighting the lamp. The Head Master of the school Sri. Sujay welcomed the guests and stressed the charter of the school  “providing Meaningful Education to Disadvantaged Rural Children”; the  coordinating science teacher Mr. Vinay declared  “Our goal is to bring out the best in students and create alternate and more interesting methods  of learning sciences and give them the opportunity to ask questions and learn by doing ….”, Sri. Shyam Chetty appreciated the efforts of team Brahmi and stressed that these festivals are absolutely necessary to promote science and mentioned that he and his family was happy to be present at the school and expressed eagerness to interact with children and witness their presentations.   Honorary Chairman of Brahmi Smt. Vatsala Subramoni  led the team of dignitaries to the demonstration area.  Honorary Trustee of Brahmi G.B S. Bindra and his wife Prof. Sudha Singh and their friends also participated in the event.

There was also participation from the industry;  Alyss, a technology group engaged in integrating technology in classrooms was represented by their head Sri. Rama Mohan and his Manager. They engaged  children by showing a video on History of Science (made exclusively for the audience) and gave away T-shirts as gifts to students.

The primary children showed off their collection of insects, coins, feathers, roots and leaves and demonstrated activities to show Absorption, air pressure and how important is water  for the growth of plants and animals.  The middle school children kept the audience busy by demonstrating activities on strength of magnets, how sound travels in solids, persistence of vision, static electricity and dissolving power of liquids and a method of separating mixtures. High School students demonstrated fun filled experiments scaring the visitors with their liquid rockets and vanishing ink and several more serious experiments involving light, heat, sound, forces & energy, liquids & gases, chemical reactions and more.

School Science festival was an eye-opening experience for everyone, the demonstrating as well as the witnessing groups of students, the guests and the teachers.  It was a rewarding experience for everyone. At the end of the day it was celebration for everyone.


You can view more pictures of the event here

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