Collaboration with SPJIMR Docc Social Projects -2016 (PGPM) 3 -16 June, 2016

The Development of Corporate Citizenship (DOCC) is an innovative initiative of SPJIMR, Mumbai, that aims to inculcate social sensitivity in its students through a 2-week internship with an NPO. During this course of time, the participants are expected to understand issues plaguing the NPO and come with business inputs and managerial insights to help the NPO solve the problems.

DOCC focuses on solutions to issues pertaining to diverse heads such as Microfinance, Infrastructure development, Health, education management and income generation for women empowerment. The participants are expected to perform critical analysis of the issues at hand. The process of interacting with the rural poor and the experience of working on the field in an unstructured environment ensures that social development happens in tandem.

Eight students worked on the  four following projects as full time volunteers :

  1. Information Management Initiatives : Redesigning Brahmi Website along with Payment gateway feasibility (Mr. Gopal Iyer & Mr. Sahil Khosla)
  2. Information Management Initiative II : School Management Software (Mr. Akhilesh & Mr. Giridhar Chakravarty)
  3. Consulting Initiatives : Recreating Anjana Vidyakendra School at a different location – Preparation of cost model, CBSE compliance analysis and rework on mission and vision (Mr. Sagar Jain & Mr. Rajat Gupta)
  4. Marketing Initiatives : towards Fundraising Activities (Mr. Pranay Joshi & Mr. Subha Sarkar)

About anjanavidyakendra

A Rural School Providing Meaningful Education to Disadvantaged Rural Children. The school is built and managed by Brahmi (
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