Diwali 2017 – Soulful and Soundless Volunteering.

Salesforce QTC India arm celebrated their Diwali ’17 with a blast minus the noise & air pollution. Motivated team of Salesforce QTC engaged themselves by volunteering @ our wonderful place called Anjana Vidya Kendra, which is tucked away from hustle and bustle of the “Namma” Bengaluru. A picture speaks 1000 words, hence, I put down the pen and draw your attention to the pictures below:

Plantation the Organic way: Shovel Earth, lay dry composite, fill Earth again to make a bed (imagine composite is sandwiched between earth) , choose symbiotic veggies and sow the seeds.


Home made Pharma: Treating plants with organic pesticides by spraying organic insect repellent called  AA (Agni Astra, its a secret recipe and if you want to know, come join us)


Grass cutting with crass (fodder for cows): Mother cow has been serving us since our childhood and it was a golden opportunity to serve her once. It was not easy to cut simple looking long grass. There is a technique which our expert Mr. Amresh taught the Salesforce team.


Website development: Talentend QTC team spent good amount of time to bring our school/organization website up-to speed. They ensured to updated the blogs and also revamped the website with latest templates to give our official website a boost. As on going process Salesforce QTC team is going to enhance the website by adding more features. Stay tuned.


Feeding Calf: Salesforce QTC team had heartfelt experience while feeding the motherless calf. I urge all the readers to rethink and go VEGAN to save these motherless calf ending up here, being fed by humans, instead being fed by their mother cow.


Master Chef – Village Guttahalli: Cooked delicious food using organically grown veggies from Brahmi organic farm +  lot of salesforce spices brought the best of cooking. At the end it was finger licking cuisines that was served to all.


All-in-all it was soulful & amazing experience where in Salesforce and Brahmi have engaged and learnt each other organizations culture & values. Salesforce QTC team had first hand experience in organic farming that they have learnt various steps involved in organic farming. It also helped them to understand how various species in our environment help to sustain the growth of flora & fauna, local issues related to child educations and how Brahmi is making an impact in many children’s lives.


Keep visiting for more of latest.

About anjanavidyakendra

A Rural School Providing Meaningful Education to Disadvantaged Rural Children. The school is built and managed by Brahmi (www.brahmi.org).
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