Breaking News: Salesforce team is Hāʻawiing hard on tuesday in Bangalore?

No it is not Fake news. Salesforce believes in work hard and hāʻawing hard.


hāʻawi: giving in hawaiian language.


Yes Salesforce was hāʻawiing on a bright Tuesday morning at one of their favorite volunteering spot. Mentoring, engaging kids through sports, framing, cryptography all happening @ one place.

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency etc. are the buzzwords and salesforce gave a glimpse of the same to our students.


Composite move: Salesforce do get their hands dirty in coding, this time they got dirt on their hands with organic farming. Maneuvering manure on a 4-wheel Push-Kart was the highlight. Digging their way through the pile of composite, transporting to the kart though human chain and getting to the the bed for the veggies, all happening in synchronously. Curious, take a look at the pictures.


Sowing time: Getting the farming bed ready for sowing. This Salesforce is doing it for the 3rd time and now they have got the idea on how it works.

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A Rural School Providing Meaningful Education to Disadvantaged Rural Children. The school is built and managed by Brahmi (
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