Antaranga December 2021

Joyous December
Health & Hygiene Workshop by Smile Foundation for High School Girls
Better India Interaction with our students
Preparations for restarting Anjana Science Club Activities
Christmas Celebrations
Visit by Dr. K. R. Raveendra & Team
Closure of Smile Foundation’s Swabhiman Project
December 08 : Smile Foundation Workshop on Health & Hygiene
Mrs.Reba Daniel, a woman-health expert from BirthVillage, Cochin ( conducted an interactive session for our high school girls on various aspects of growth and development, gynaecological issues and concerns of growing girls. 

14 December  : Interaction of CAL students with Better India

Our 20 Climate Action Laboratory students interacted with Better India, the E-platform that shares success stories of achievers of various fields in India. Our students shared their experiences as students of Salesforce Climate Action Lab., (CAL) and how impactful the entire program has been in shaping his/her personality. They also demonstrated clarity on how they would use this learning in their lives.  The program was coordinated by Smt. Kiranmayi, Program Manager of Philanthropy, Salesforce.

24 December : Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Celebration was organized on 24th December with the usual enthusiasm. All students came to school wearing colourful clothes. The Christmas tree in front of the prayer hall was decorated beautifully with glitters and flowers.  A crib was made by our 9th-grade girls, who also organized an event in the afternoon with primary and middle school children singing Christmas carols. Head Master Sujay sang Kannada Carols using a keyboard.  As usual, the highlight of the event was children and staff receiving

Anjana Science Club

Saturday Science Activity: A student platform for promotion of scientific temper among middle-school and High School students restarted its activities. Any Science Activity, however simple, creates a lot of excitement and enthusiasm among children. A group of middle school students have tried to germinate Ragi, Mustard and Beans in plastic trays to understand the germination process.

Visit : Prof. Dr. K. R Raveendra, Bangalore Medical College & Team

28 December 2021: Dr K. R Raveendra, MBBS., MD Professor, Bangalore Medical College & Research Institute, Sri. G.N Narayanaswamy and Sri. Vijaya Prakash visited the school.  Baby Kayal is curious to understand the conversation between the professor and our Head Master Sujay. It was a meeting of four 1978 classmates of Sri Ranganatha High School, Kalkunte for Channa Raju, Raveendra, Narayanaswamy and Vijayaprakash

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