Antaranga November 2021


Important Activities and Events of the Month
Karnataka Rajyotsava
Negotiation Skills for Girls: Training Session
Our School and Students Feature in COP26 Climate Summit
Smile Foundation – Invited Talks by our Teachers
Chess Training Week & Children’s Day
The highlight of the Month
Anjana School features in United Nations Cop26 Climate Summit


Climate Action Lab, a programme developed by to nurture and support a generation of future leaders and environmental campaign groups. Through a range of projects that combine science and technology, students develop a wealth of skills useful all their lives.  The project initially developed in Davos was extended to three locations around the world. We are extremely happy that Salesforce found Anjana School an ideal location for CAL (India). The project focused on three important environmental issues – monitoring air quality, studying wildlife by imaging and soundscape recording and analysing microplastics in waterways.  In spite of students staying away from school due to frequent covid-induced lockdowns, our students were able to contribute meaningfully to the project, guided by a young team of teachers and volunteers. Apart from gaining precious knowledge through these activities, the experience they acquired through regular interactions with their peers at the other three CAL labs was more precious and this would positively impact their lifestyle choices and their career progression.

The unique learning platform trained students to develop ownership and responsibility for their Climate Action Lab, experiencing full processes from the setting-up and deployment of equipment as well as monitoring and analysing the data they acquired and drawing meaningful conclusions.  They regularly shared their findings and discoveries with both local and global communities. With the real data at their hand students were able to plan their actions to invoke changes through building awareness and also contribute to the existing global collaborative environmental science research platforms.

November 01 : Karnataka Rajyotsava Celebrations

Anjana celebrated Karnataka Rajyotsava in the backdrop of demise of popular Kannnada cine actor Sri. Puneeth Rajkumar and also the covid restrictions imposed by the department of public Instruction. Children got a chance to engage in cultural activities after a long wait of nearly 18 months. The program commenced by observing a minute of silence as a mark of respect to Sri. Puneeth Rajkumar followed by hoisting of Karnataka flag by our Patron Sri. Srinivasa Palepu. Children and teachers sang Kuvempu’s Nadageethe and other popular Rajyotsava songs. Senior students highlighted the importance of the day by recollecting the events that led to the formation of Karnataka state. Children eagerly waited to witness several dance events by their friends dressed in typical karnataka colours. As always, the stage materials, prepration, costumes and makeup were taken care by the teachers with the help of support staff. It was a simple-yet- a-GRAND event.

Negotiation Skills /Art of Communication

Leadership training involves children learning to communicate effectively.  The art of negotiation becomes necessary in solving disputes amicably. A trainer from Smile Foundation conducted a three-hour session for our girl students on the art of communication and Negotiation for an effective and harmonious way of solving disputes

Orientation of Staff : Smile Foundation Initiative

Our Teachers Sreenidhi and Arun provided training to teachers of Smile Foundation-supported schools on teaching science using a hands-on approach or  Activity-based learning and using appropriate technology in classroom teaching.  Both Sreenidhi and Arun have a wealth of experience in these emerging areas having used these techniques extensively in their classrooms. The highlight of their talks  was that all the presentation material they prepared and shared with their audience was based on their own learning and experience

Children’s Day 2021

14 November: Children’s Day: A week-long training session culminated in a Chess Competition for all grades on Children’s Day. Medals and Trophies were distributed as prizes to the grade-level winners and the champions at the school level (primary and High School). Kruthika of 9th Grade was the school champion.

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