National Youth Day: Birth Day of Sri Swami Vivekananda

Birth Day of Sri Swami Vivekananda: National Youth Day: Yuva Diwas

The highlights of the event included :

Talks by Children (group representatives) on the relevance of Swamiji’s message to the present world.

Children dressed as Sri. Ramakrishna, Mother Sharada and Swami Vivekananda

Painting Session by Primary Children on the events in Swamiji’s life


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Anjana Vidya Kendra :Vibrant 2016

The year has been exciting; something happening each day.  Starting with the Yoga Week by Mrs. Karpakagam around Mid-May the year has witnessed a myriad of activities. Our children learnt to create Tanjore Paintings from Mrs. Divya, celebrated Founders Day by honouring village elders and achievers,   planted saplings and cleaned up a Govt. school as part of World Environmental Day, synchronised their postures on World Yoga Day under guidance from Srinivasa Palepu a renowned Yoga Teacher from Sivananda Yoga School, marched and sang patriotic songs in front of an august gathering of guests and patrons after hoisting our tricolor flag on Fifteenth August,  an atmosphere of Gokula and Vrindavan recreated at Anjana with several small Krishnas, Gopikas and Yashodas running around singing and dancing on Krishna Janmastami,  excelled in sports both at cluster level and Taluk levels with Varalakshmi reaching the state level sports, each grade worshipping eco-friendly Ganeshas of their choice on Ganesha’s Birthday, creating floral decorations and dancing to Malayalam tunes on Onam, displaying a mega-Golu as part of Navarathri with chantings and prayers, remembering Gandhi and Shastri with their messages on second October, conducting traditional Homa to please Ganesha and Lakshmi,  learning to celebrate Safe and pollution free Diwali, singing Kannada songs of great poets and dancing to Bhaavageethe on Rajyotsava, celebrating success in their “Phehla Venture”under guidance from our volunteer Gokul from Intel, mesmerized by the magic show on children’s day, remembered the universal message of faith in god, hard work and sharing on Gurunanak Jayanti, sweating and stretching to the limits of physical abilities on Sports Day graced by the Karnataka State swimming coach Santhosh,  witnessed and enjoyed a foodball show by Mr. Tejas and Adrian, put up a grand event of School Annual Day, learnt the pain and the message of vaccination AND  celebrated Christmas in a rural and Indian way !!!!  It’s not all –

Children have enjoyed interacting and learning from Volunteers Uma Maheswaran , Gokul Subramanyam , Karpagam, Srinivasa Palepu, Prayas, Smile Foundation, Intel  and Vidya Daan teams.  Celebrated Sri. KT Narayan’s Birthday as Gratitude Day and spent the day in various activities to highlight the virtues of giving and gratitude.  It was celebration time to interact with Premanjali Family,  our patrons sponsoring the precious Food Program. Dr. Sarala Raja, wife of our Founder Trustee Dr. Praveen Raja, their friends Raj Kunu and his wife, Sandhya & team from ANZ as part of Smile Foundation, Manish and team from Zenify, Reeshma and Shyam, Gokul and Priya and Friends, Karpagam’s Yoga Family  and several of our friends and patrons have given their precious time to our children and school.

Intel voulnteers created our organic farm about a year ago. Now, dig anywhere in our Organic Farm, you will find earth worms – a sign of healthy soil, produces safe food – thanks to Bhavani and her team. Any one visiting our school would remember the taste of our simple food  and would remember the smiling faces of Sarada and Amaravathi. Goshala is always a good place to contemplate – our happy cows and several babies saved from going to butchers. Vermicompost, the three ducks, Fish, Bees, attention seeking Bhajji – our baby monkey, Meenakshi -our parrot, mighty Diya & Rudra have made the place very special. Thanks to you – Patrons, Friends of Brahmi, Volunteers, Parents- you have transformed  the little school Anjana has become the most Vibrant place on this planet!!  Children and Teachers & Staff love being here.

Welcome to our Green Campus

Craft and Yoga






Pehla Venture by Gokul

Vaccination Camp


Magic Show


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Independence Day Celebrations

Dr. Nanjundaswamy, retired chief medical officer, National Aerospace Laboratories was our chief guest. He was accompanied by his wife, Sri. Sathyaprasad, Sri. Nagaraj (social worker) and Dr. Vasudeva (grologist) among others. Children displayed drills and patriotic plays. 

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Varamahalakshmi Pooja : 11 Aug. 2016, Thursday

In view of a state govt. declared holiday tomorrow, the main part of the festival worshipping goddess of wealth “Lakshmi” was carried out today.  Highlights of the day included chants, prayers, talk on the importance of the day and distribution of sweets.


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Primary Students Excel in Annual Hobli Level Sports Meet

Hobli Level Sports Meet was conducted at Sarjapur with about 25 schools participating.  As in earlier years, our Primary Students have made us proud by winning in several events. Yashaswini of 6th was declared ‘Individual Champion’ of the meet. Thanks to the efforts of our Sports Teacher Mr. Venkatesh and our sports loving Head Master Mr. Sujay, for their efforts in preparing students for the meet.


  1. Yashaswini, N  : 1st in  400m & Long Jump, 2nd in Shotput
  2. Anusha : 2nd in 200m
  3. Varalakshmi, B : 2nd in Long Jump, 2nd in 600m
  4. Yashwant : 1st in Long Jump
  5. Naveen, V : 3rd in 600m

Girls Relay Running : 1st Place

Group Events

  1. Girls : 1st place in Kho-Kho and 1st Place in Throw Ball
  2. Boys : 1st place in Kho-Kho and 1st Place in Throw Ball



IMG_8442 (1)

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Grand start to the new year

News in Pictures – May June 2016

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50 Hours to 1st Entrepreneurship Experience

Bringing Entrepreneurial experience to rural young children is the motto of this volunteering activity being carried out by Mr. Gokul Subramanianm and Priya.  This program is a sequel to an earlier program of facilitating interaction among  urban and rural children by the same team.  Some of the ideas are

  • pehlaVenture™  brings early learning experiences and entrepreneurial mind-set in
    a progressive and incremental manner starting from school years
  • pehlaVenture™ uses innovative methods to provide children an immersive xperience of setting up a business – ideation to business realization
  • Immersive Experience
    • Assess – Identify individual interests and talent
    • Create – Venture ideas that meet interests
    • Mentor – Mentors mapped to venture domains
    • Aware – Awareness to social causes

      About 30 sixth and seventh grade children of Anjana Vidya Kendra school are currently guided by Gokul in the weekend sessions (forenoon of every Saturday).

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