Animal Shelter

Shelter for Abondoned Animals

The local farmer always depended on animals for his survival. The advancements in mechanization of farming has made life easy for a farmer and at the same time has disturbed the existing ecosystem. A farmer nolonger requires a male calf born to his cows, while the femal calves he would consider an asset. These calves are sold to slaughter houses on the very same day of their birth.
It is a complex situation and a complex problem. We at Anjana Vidya Kendra School have taken up this issue purely from a humanistic approach; impressing on farmers, mainly parents of our children, to allow the calf remain with the mother for four months. This would ensure a good motherhood for the cow and we get safe milk for our consumption. Many farmers would find this solution untenable and have started bring the young calves to the school animal shelter. These calves are fed with milk and cared for a period of 4months and distributed/sent to nearby animal shelters for further care.
Young students at Anjana Vidya Kendra get exposed to this issue and learn to care for animals.
Funds requirement is mainly towards fodder for animals and meeting running expenses.IMG_7391.JPG