Mannina Mane -Craft & Art Center


Mannina Mane or “a mud house” is our center for promoting native art and craft involving pottery, wall murals, painting and jewellery making. The main goal of this project is to combine formal education with skills training.
Apart from exposing rural students of Anjana Vidya Kendra school and students of other schools to these enjoyable skills, the center would be a training platform empowering young adults to become craft/Art entrepreneurs, thus creating effective livelihood options for them. For those students who have immense passion for crafts and art and for thise who find the path of postschool curricular education uninteresting or unprepared for higher curricular education whatever reasons, the center would offer an alternate avenue to combine their passion and vocation and lead them to an enjoyable and profitable livelihoood option.


we plan to make the center self-sufficient in two years.  Running expenses will be generated by selling the products among visitors, patrons and friends.

Initial Funds required towards construction of a dedicated training and storage building, procurement of a potters wheel, setting up a kiln and meeting running expenses for a period of two years.

Dedicated building for conducting pottery and craft  sessions : 120 sq.m, using natural/native materials (clay tiles, mud-plastered walls, mud flooring) : Rs. 4,00,000

Potters Wheel and Kiln :  1,00,000 – one time

Salaries (1 SME @ Rs.20,000 per month and 1 assistant@Rs. 10,000 per month) and  Running Expenses /year  ( Rs. 1,00,000/year): 4,60,000/year

Total Expenses for two years : Indian Rupees 14,20,000/-