K S Raman Science Center

Advances in science and technology have outpaced the ability of the education system to prepare students as future leaders in these fields.  This “divide” in science and technology education is particularly stark in rural schools and particularly for children coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.  They may be graduating from high school without ever touching a test tube or a magnet, hearing how genetics and biotechnology are transforming medicine, or even agriculture; and how new digital devices, cloud technologies, and social media are fundamentally transforming how we live, work, and connect with each other.

The first step is to create enthusiasm and Interest in science at school level weather this will make the child become a scientist or an automobile mechanic. To help bridge the divide in science education, Brahmi would like to transform its school into a center of excellence for science that will 1) focus on science education in addition to its current  curriculum and 2) serve as a model and resource for the large number of rural schools in the region.  The science center will have the following elements

  • Whole school as a science Exhibit and Demonstration platform : We propose the development of an onsite science & technology center at the Brahmi school with resources (e.g. exhibits, demonstrations, programs, models, experiments) that will permit students to obtain both theoretical and hands-on experience in science & technology representing a wide range of scientific and technological fields ranging from traditional science and engineering fields to biotechnology, robotics, computer and information technology, life sciences, and social sciences. The center will benefit Brahmi students as well as serve as a regional center for other rural schools and institutions (who may choose to bring students as part of a day trip for specialized learning in science & technology).
  • Fully equipped Laboratory : Exclusive section where experiments can be conducted by students and demonstrated by teachers
  • An equipped IT center with 20 computers providing access to students to learn individually using digital world
  • Maintain a traditional library with Books, Journals and articles in printed format

Some of the activities of the Science Center will involve the following programs for students and teachers of Anjana Vidya Kendra as well as nearby schools

  1. Conducting week-end science experiments.
  2. Organizing Monthly Science Talks and extramural lectures by eminent speakers.
  3. Organizing teacher orientation progams
  4. Organizing Science festivals/Science fairs twice a year.
  5. Conducting curriculum based experiments for the children of 6th grade to 10th grade students.
  6. Organizing and anchoring Science promotion events/activities such as kite flying and aeromodeling.
  7. Conducting science quiz and competitions to identify students with aptitude and talent and promote/support them.
  8. Conducting skill based and employment oriented basic IT courses for school students as well as school dropout students in the region


Basic Library with books, A computer center with 10 computers, Projector, internet facility, Basic laboratory furniture.


  • New or Good used Computers – 20
  • Granite for Laboratory Tables  (~1000sft @ Rs. 120/sft) : Rs.1,20,000
  • NCERT Science Kits   (middle and High School) 15 kits each
  • Projector System (~ Rs. 1,50,000)
  • Sponsor a Teacher’s Salary : Rs. 20,000/month


K S Raman


K S Raman (1955-2003)