Sri. Senthil, D –  Accounts

Sri. Vignesh, B & Smt. Sinduri –  Programs

Smt. Reeshma& Sri. Shyam – New intiatives and Funds

Sri.Ananth, T.K – Safety and Grievances

Sri. Sujay P, Head Master, Anjana Vidya Kendra School



Dr. Praveen Raja – Psychologist(USA) ,  Founder          

Dr. Naveen Raja- Rheumatologist (USA) Founder                       

Dr. Rajiv Kaushik, Singapore                                       


Dr. Channa Raju -Honorary Founder Secretary & Chief Functionary

Senior Principal Scientist (Retd.) CSIR -NAL, Bangalore

Smt.Uma Maheswari – Honoary Managing Trustee,

Smt.Navaneetha, J –   Honoary Trustee and Head of Administration,

Sri. G.B.S Bindra, Honoray Trustee 

CEO, Founder & CEO of Charmboard, Bangalore

Sri. Naveen Varadarajan, Honoary Trustee 

Insatiable Tech., Bangalore

Dr. Amaranarayan, Honoary Trustee

Cheif Medical Officer (Retd.), CSIR-NAL , Bangalore

Retired Members :

Sri. P Harikrishna

Sri. T. M Narayanaswamy, Retd. Div. Mangaer,Oriental Ins. Bangalore                                            Dr. Rangachari, Scientist, National Aerospace Laboratories

Smt. Vatsala Subramoni


Smt. Vatsala Subramoni – Commissioner of Income Tax (Retd.), Bangalore

[Vatsala served Brahmi as Honorary Chairman.  She resigned as Chairman and Trustee in Dec. 2016 due to health reasons. She remains an active member of the team as an Advisor guiding the school council]

Sri. Krishnamurthy – Donor of School Land, Sri Anjaneya Temple, Desapandeguttahalli. Bangalore

Honorary Auditors : Sri. Lokesh Talanki, [Ms.  Y.V.S Vinod & Co. ]             

Services of ALL members is completely Honorary nature. 
No benefits of any kind are provided to any of the members in any form.

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