1. Uma MaheswariHead, B.Com and B.C.T .,  Head of School Management.  FullSizeRender (3)

Bachelor of Creative Teaching (B.C.T) from International Academy for Creative Teaching, Bangalore.  Yoga Acharya from International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, Neyardam, Kerala.  She has more than 15  years of Teaching, Instituition Management Experience. Firmly beleives in action and follows  “an ounce of practice is better than tons of theory”. She is one of the founder trustees of Brahmi.

2. Navaneetha, J -B.E.,  Honorary Administrator

IMG_8068B.E Computer Science;   took up social work as a life mission.  After a 4 year stint as an I.T professional at Calsoft, Chennai she moved to social organization  ROPE based at IIT Madras and worked there for a year. She had glimpse of how a true charity functions when she was a volunteer at Amaraseva Sangham, Tenkasi for a breif period of four months.  Events in her life led her to Brahmi in 2010 and since then has remained  as its full-time volunteer.  Navi is a unique person; flowers, trees, birds, insects, bees, snakes and worms are all members of her family.  She coordinates volunteering activities at Anjana in addition to taking care of Administration and Accounts.  She has been active in promoting goodness living practices among young children and parents.

3. Sujay, P M.A, B.C.T  Head Master.

sujayMaster of Arts and Bachelor of Creative Teaching from International Academy for Creative Teaching, Bangalore.  With about 7  years of Teaching Experience at Anjana, he has been the head of faculty for the last 4 years.  A rare teacher who has popularized social studies among his students.  The Head Master turns a sports enthusiast playing Volleyball, Shuttle badminton, Football and Kabaddi challenging students in the evenings.  Believes in disciplined approach to everything;  he is  a role model to his team.

 4. Shashikala, M. R -M.A, B.Ed.  Senior Teacher

KalaTeaches English and Hindi to high school and primary grades.   Also interested in Culture and Indian Philosophy.  She has 9 years of Teaching Experience and 6 years at AVK. She is the head of Discipline and Grievance Committee at Anjana. She knows a lot about the religions of the world and celebrations. She anchors school assembly and prayer sessions.

5. Shashikala – Senior Teacher B.A, B.EdShashi

She has served Anjana for over 7 years and has taught Hindi & Kannada for high school children.  She currently anhors primary section as the sectioin head. She  also trains students in Drama, Dance and leads several co curricular activities at the school.  She has penned and directed several mythological and historical plays for school day programs.  Her Bhakta Prahlada and Mahisasura Madhini have enthralled both students and parents.  Her recent Rani Abbakka play enacted by lower primary children has been the icing on the cake.   An ever smiling happy person she has been an ideal teacher for both at high school and primary levels.

6. Ananthraman –  Music and Chanting Teacher  B.Sc and Diploma in Music

IMG_7903Ananthraman comes with a strong background and training in Music and Vedic Chanting and an adept in Indian cooking and Agama Shastra . He is also the head of Support Staff and takes care of public relations at the school.  He has created numerous wall murals with his traditional painting skills. He also plays the role of a PRO for all visitors to the school.

7. Srinidhi  – Senior Teachers. M.Sc, B.Ed

srinidhiScience and Math Teacher for high school and middle school grades.  Highly Rational and firmly believes values alone can change the world. He is spearheading activities of K S Raman Science Center, to promote science activities at Anjana School as well as other schools in the region.

8. Subramanya  – Senior Science Teacher B.Sc, B.Edsubbu

Subramanya started as a science experiments teacher at Agastya Foundation.  He currently plays two important roles at Anjana – firstly as a science and math teacher for middle school grades and secondly taking care of “Week-End Science Experiments”activities both at Anjana School and  in 5 nearby schools.

9.  Amruth Raj – Senior Hindi Teacher B.A. B.Ed

arA passionate Hindi Teacher. In spite of   Hindi being a third language at the school (as per the state curriculum) he teaches as though it is the first language.  An ever smiling desciplinarian; whole-heartedly participates in several administrative activities.  He is also incharge of the library and the school reading club.


9. Arun, Senior Kannada Teacher  B.A, B.Ed

Language teacher having experience in a myriad of activities prior to joining Anjana School in 2016.  Anchors several language promotion activities at the school.


10. Shivakumar – Senior Teacher. B.Sc, B.Ed

Simple person from a rural background. Believes in learning from everyone.  Teachers Science and Math to  high school and middle school grades.

11. Venkatesh B.A, B.P.Ed Picture1

A fresh physical education teacher.  Highly motivated and  enthusiastic and he is eager to promote physical activities among children. Dreams of taking his children to District level sports as early as possible.

 12. Meenakshi – D.Ed – Primary Teachermeenakshi

She is a local graduate having an immense knowledge of local methods. She has been part of Anjana School for over 6 years.  Apart from enjoying teaching primary and preschool children, she assists Sujay in compliance and RTE related matters. She is incharge of lower Preprimary grade.

13. Yashoda – P.U.C & N.T.T – Preschool/ Primary Teacher

Manju NanyaYashoda or Manju has been an anchor person for volunteering activities for over 5 years. Having been a recipient  of Brahmi Education,   she has a very strong background of the organisation’s goals and the mission.  Very popular and capable teacher for pre-primary and primary grades.  Also a good artist.

14. Nanya- P.U.C & N.T.T  Preschool and Primary Teacher

A student of the first batch of Anjana students trained inhouse as a teacher for over 3 years, joining Anjana as a teacher assistant and Brahmi’s teacher training program.  She continues to maintain a high degree of childhood enthusiasm. She is Akka for students of primary and preprimary children. Highly capable of managing younger children and a keen learner.

15.  Sukanya  M.B.A,  Primary TeacherPicture3

She realized her love for teaching rather late; joined faculty at Anjana Vidya Kendra as a primary teacher.  She is currently experiencing what it means to be with smaller children – a responsibility much bigger than anything else on this planet.

Teacher Assistants

17.  Malathi P.U.C       19.    Nirmala B.Ed

malathi    nirmala


Support Staff

T. M Mariyappa chikmari

He is Chikkamari to everyone.  He has seen the school grow over 15 years, joining the school in 2002. He is wanted by everyone and for everything.  As a supervisor he attends to all the Construction and Development related activities, Kitchen Supplies, School Farm, Animals, Transport and School Safety.

Two of his children have studied at Anjana from preschool upwards. His son is currently pursuing B.E Computer Science at Bangalore Institute of Technology.

Amaresh Bamaresh

Amaresh, a true karmyogi.  He is the first person to arrive at the school, at dawn to milk the cows and the last person to leave, after ensuring all the animals are fed. Joining Anjana in 2005, he has not seen any holidays or Sundays.  Amaresh is ever ready to do any kind of physical work.  People have spotted him recently covering the hay-stack at 10pm  to protect it from the rain.


Thimmakka jothimmakkained the school in 2008 and since then has been a committed support to the school. A quite and dignified person by nature.  She mainly takes care of house-keeping responsibility
and in addition supports in maintaining the organic farm at the school.


jagadishHe is a hero among children; several of them fantasise becoming a driver, thanks to driving skills of  Jagadish. Excellent at his work, he can drive any road transport vehicle with ease.  He has been serving Anjana School since 2010. Being a qualified I.T.I he also supports the school in various maintenance activities apart from maintaining the school farm. He is also a fitness enthusiast.


Anjana Vidya Kendra has maintained a kitchen headed by  Bhavani to support food and nutrition program. Sharada and Amaravathi  hailing from the neighbouring village are experts in cooking local cuisines.  As a team  the three of them have ensured tasty and wholesome meal is served to all the teachers and students. All the guests and visiting dignitaries to the school have been recipients of their cooking abilities.  Our music teacher Ananthraman often provides them with Tamil recipes.  Bhavani is also incharge of our organic farm. She is now an expert in using Jeevamrutham and EM techniques to grow chemical free food.

kitchen staff

The following members have joined the support staff team in the recent years:

Ramaiah, Security        Manjula, Kitchen Support       Abbaiah, Driver

                                                                                                                                                                       Balu, Animal  Care      Manjula, Housekeeping


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