ANJANA VIDYA KENDRA is a formal school envisaged, built and sustained by   Brahmi (Brahmi Educational & Cultural Trust), a registered charity engaged in  Providing Meaningful Education to  Disadvantaged Rural Children. For More Details browse: http://www.brahmi.org

Anjana Vidya Kendra (AVK) is a formal school situated in the  village DesapandeGuttahalli, near Tattanur in Bangalore Rural District, about 16 Km east off Bangalore.  The school currently educates about 300 of farmers and farm workers children in its Pre-school through High School Grades. The school is recognized by the Department of Public Instruction, Govt. of Karnataka.

Anjana Vidya Kendra School is an example of what can be achieved when a group of concerned and caring individuals and groups get together to Make A Difference.  The land was donated by a local philanthropist Sri. Krishnamurthy, a priest in the temple dedicated to the God Hanuman opposite to the School (hence the name Anjana, after Hanuman’s Mother – in tune with the main charter of Brahmi,  of educating more of Girl Children);  initial buildings  built by friends;  High School building funded by a consortium of corporates; unique projects and programs sustained by partner charities and groups; Salaries and running expenses met by trustees,  patrons and several individuals and Vounteers contributing to teaching and administration.  The unique feature of the school is its simple methodology of guaranteeing enjoyable childhood and holistic approach of combining curricular education with gurukul values  with strong emphasis of respecting rural values. The school has a unique nutrition & Noon-Meal program in partnership with Bangalore based Charities and also supported by its own small dairy and Vegetable Farm. [Donations to Brahmi are exempt under 80G of Income Tax,  Brahmi is also registered under FCRA].

Tuition Fees and Parent Contribution

No child pays any fees towards establishment, facilities and food.

  1. Children belonging to families  of single mothers, poor financial families, farm workers or daily wage earners and migrant labour  are provided free tuition and school supplies.
  2. Children graduating from government kannada medium schools can enroll to 6th grade or 8th grade.  All these children are provided with completely free education along with free school supplies.
  3. The school completely supports the government scheme of RTE; in fact the school is willing to provide 100% admissions to deserving students under this scheme!
  4.  Tuition fee is collected only from children belonging to families  with stable financial background.  They were charged a subsidized tuition fee equivalent of  1 day’s labour (unskilled male worker)/month, till 2015.  This was changed to two day’s of daily wage/month from 2016 and we intend following this policy in the future as well. The current annual tuition fee is  Rs. 12000  for primary grades and to Rs. 13,000 for high scchool grades [daily wage of a male unskilled worker in the region is ~Rs.500].  Most parents pay towards school supplies. A large fraction of these parents avail scholarships from the school to support school supplies and tuition fee. For example, if two or more children come from the same family, then girl child’s education becomes free. Several parents pay only towards the school supplies (no tuition fee) and a few pay only 50% of the prescribed tuition fees.
School ensures no child drops out due to reasons of affordability.

Transport facilities are provided by the Parents Council at a subsidized cost.

The present contribution of parents to overall running costs is ~40% [latest Annual Report].

AVK provides a platform for EACH ONE OF US where we can  experience the joy of giving and contributing to the cause of educating needy rural children.  You too can participate.  You can contribute towards sustaining programs at the school or become our volunteer to spend a day with our children (one day  in a week, once a month  or one day in a quarter).   Visit us.

anjana policy

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