50 Hours to 1st Entrepreneurship Experience

Bringing Entrepreneurial experience to rural young children is the motto of this volunteering activity being carried out by Mr. Gokul Subramanianm and Priya.  This program is a sequel to an earlier program of facilitating interaction among  urban and rural children by the same team.  Some of the ideas are

  • pehlaVenture™  brings early learning experiences and entrepreneurial mind-set in
    a progressive and incremental manner starting from school years
  • pehlaVenture™ uses innovative methods to provide children an immersive xperience of setting up a business – ideation to business realization
  • Immersive Experience
    • Assess – Identify individual interests and talent
    • Create – Venture ideas that meet interests
    • Mentor – Mentors mapped to venture domains
    • Aware – Awareness to social causes

      About 30 sixth and seventh grade children of Anjana Vidya Kendra school are currently guided by Gokul in the weekend sessions (forenoon of every Saturday).

About anjanavidyakendra

A Rural School Providing Meaningful Education to Disadvantaged Rural Children. The school is built and managed by Brahmi (www.brahmi.org).
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