From a AVK Teacher…..

I , a happy teacher at Anjana, like to share my views about ‘WHY ANJANA IS DIFFERENT?’

  • Most of the schools prevail in a concrete jungle. Even my schooling was done in one of such a ‘jungle’. When I entered here, I was wonder-struck! I couldn’t believe my eyes. A school in the cradle of Mother Nature. Fascinating flora flavored the whole environment. If a person visits a place like this once, he / she would feel rejuvenated at least for a couple of months. And such a place is going to be my workplace! The very thought of it delighted me. This delectation is continuing forever to all the people present here. If I have to express this in a few words, I would just say that ‘Anjana is a paradise on earth!
  • I do still remember that my schoolmates and I just merely existed as students in our school life.  But here, I found that each and every child is living its life as a happy student. The students are not just having the education but experiencing it! For instance, a lesson about germination is not taught using the blackboard and a chalk in the class room but with seeds and soil in the garden. And that is Anjana!

  • Our school constantly takes efforts in building a healthy society by caring the health of each and every student. Not just mid-day meals are given here but 100% balanced diet has been provided to all the students. Valuable greens are cooked often to compensate for the nutritional needs of the children.

  • The values of our rich tradition and culture are transitioned to our children through celebration of festivals and events. All children participate actively and by that they understand the core reason as well as value in celebrating the festivals of our soil. We celebrate all festivals in our school. Kids feel happy to do Aarthi to Jesus on Christmas day.

I had just mentioned four reasons as answers to the question, ‘Why Anjana is different?’ but there are plenty of other reasons as well. When other institutions pat their own shoulders and declare their students as ‘Best students’, I would definitely say that our students are ‘Blessed students’!

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A Rural School Providing Meaningful Education to Disadvantaged Rural Children. The school is built and managed by Brahmi (
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