Namaste, everyone. We would like to share the updates and events in 2021 at AVK school in this newsletter.


The biggest lesson learnt in this year is to show gratitude as much as we can to others to make this world better place to live. Covid pandemic has taught us how important it is to cherish the meaning of life. Schools play a vital role in teaching right values like empathy, humility etc., and how to lead a meaningful life in this ever-changing world.

In BRAHMI, we have made a mission for ourselves to work on blending value education with traditional board syllabus for our AVK students. Suggestions and inputs for constructive changes are welcome to make the mission journey more impactful!

Class snap before pandemic hit us!

We tried our best to continue the process of progressing at Anjana in 2021 amidst the pandemic crisis mainly because of the confidence and blessings of noble people like you. We are grateful for having consistent supporters and volunteers who are shaping up the future of next generation rural kids.


APTIV dedicates Solar plant to School

A 15Kva – 10kWp Solar Hybrid Inverter installed by IIEC, providing continuous power supply to all our computers and vital installations including lights was dedicated to our school as part of the CSR initiative by APTIV Technologies, Bangalore. Our hearty thanks to Mr.Shyam and Mrs.Reeshma from APTIV who were the root cause of this initiative. This event was a part of the restricted School Republic Day celebration in Jan 2021.

SCIENTISTS @ ANJANA    – Climate Action Lab


CAL session

                                                                                                                                                               Salesforce, one of our CSR partner has set up the Climate Action Lab in our school to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals’ 13th goal (i.e.) Climate Action in early 2021. Our school is one of the four places where such labs have been set up. The other three are in Tokyo (Japan), California (U.S.) and Davos (Switzerland). With able support of Ms. Kiranmayi of Salesforce and Mr. Ch Venkata Naga Sreekanth, consultant faculty , few selected students are involved in this program.

The purpose of this program is to educate the students about climate action issues and also about the wildlife around them. In this course of study, students learnt about latest technologies involved in wild life photography and also about testing pollutions. The team would comeup with a campaign to be given to local representatives to bring about a change and the same would be presented at the World Economic Forum that will be held in Davos.


The Corporate Social Responsibility Team at Lam Research India had distributed nutrition kits to improve the immunity of our school children. When the pandemic hit and schools had to close during the lockdown period, these nutrition kits played good support role in maintaining the students’ health and nutrition.


Smile Foundation did various camps and empowerment programs using our Campus targeting needy people in and around AVK school as part of Swabhiman program. A medical camp was organized people in and around our school on 31st July.  A training program for empowering women entrepreneurs on 26th July, 12th & 13th August and 13th & 14th September in our campus.

Guidance and Awareness Training Programs on Self Image, Goal Settings and Time Management was attended by AVK students who are beneficiaries of Smile foundation scholarships on 26th August and 17th & 18th September.


In collaboration with Philips, a teacher training program was conducted for 10 weeks on Saturdays for improving their communication and interpersonal skills. This program commenced on 17th April and extended up to 19th June,2021.


Schools have become flowerless gardens without the children who are the blood circulation of all the educational institutions for most of days in this year

It is not wrong to say that we have lost one academic year especially for rural institutions like us as we are not highly effective in this pandemic due to constraints like rural connectivity, economy etc though we tried our best within possible limits and options.

Based on the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) given by Karnataka State Government’s Education Department, our school was reopened to the students from VI grade to X grade at start the 2021. But due to second wave, when government announced the lockdown again, the children had been retained back at home. We struggled to reach our rural students by using the possible latest technologies amidst many inevitable challenges but with moderate success. We started online classes to our students of all grades from 5th of July . Teaching primary children was much challenging but our teachers tried their best. Finally, we have restarted physical classes voluntarily again from Oct 2021 and following as per state government Education department instructions.

Celebrations in AVK:

Many kind-hearted souls and institutions continues to support our operations which helped us to continue with our journey of learning & celebrations despite many challenges. We tried to capture some of those visits in photos & words here:

SRI VIDYA HOMA: Mrs. Karpagam & team visited our school for performing the homa. Mrs. Karpagam, who is a well-knowledged yoga practitioner and trainer, also conducted  a yoga-nitra session for our teachers.

MOUNAACHARANAE: Mr. Hari & family visited our school for having a prayer for the departed soul of Smt. Jayanthi (cine actress), one of our patrons.

75TH INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION:  Mrs. Reeshma & family and Mrs. Nitya & family made the simple celebration a bit grand by their presence. The pandemic abolished an awesome celebration of this great day but still our guests visits made it special.

We tried our best to capture most of the happenings in school and as always could not fit in all visits & events in school. Please visit us and help us to shape the future lives.

THANK YOU all again for being with us and appreciate your active & constructive inputs to make our journey more joyful and rewarding for everyone!

About anjanavidyakendra

A Rural School Providing Meaningful Education to Disadvantaged Rural Children. The school is built and managed by Brahmi (www.brahmi.org).
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