Way to go into ’18

Salesforce QTC are the usual suspects at our campus and this time we have thrown a new challenge to them, which is to build a hut for nursery  plants. This assignment involves both mental and physical work. It requires to tickle the grey cells to come up with optimal dimensions for the hut. Though the location was chosen by the expert committee at the campus, the planning and execution was a combined effort of Salesforce QTC and Anjana.

Stage 1:

  • Identify the right baboo
  • Trim the projects
  • Transport to the location through human chain
  • Dig pits to drop the cement poles.
  • Place the supporting poles at appropriate location/distance and
  • Tie the bamboo to the poles
  • Prepare the structure.


Salesforce steam had to pause for stage 2 and post lunch they induled in the usual tasks of spending time with the motherless calf and attended to mundane tasks related to cow farm and spending time with the veggies.


Stay Tuned for Stage 2.

About anjanavidyakendra

A Rural School Providing Meaningful Education to Disadvantaged Rural Children. The school is built and managed by Brahmi (www.brahmi.org).
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