Happy Deepavali – 2020!

Wish you all happy and colorful deepavali 2020 from AVK Team. Thanks to our teacher, Ms. Sukanya, please find the yearly updates from AVK campus and will be posting newsletter on quarterly basis going forward…..

            NEWSLETTER OF ANJANA VIDYA KENDRA – November 2020

Namaste, welcome to our latest newsletter!  This edition is about sharing news regarding the school and the students in the year 2020 and also about sharing the spirit of giving a holistic education. We value our relationship with you and looking forward to your involvement with us in the years to come to make it as a role-model school for the rural children.


In Feb 2020


Thirty three SSLC students (17 girls & 16 boys) of our school had written the board exam amidst Corona challenge. We achieved 100% results again in the board examination with 8 distinctions. We are determined to continue this achievement in the forthcoming years too.

@ SSLC exam centre


School operations were shut-down in mid-march as per instructions from education department. All other classes (1-9) were auto-promoted without any examination this year due to pandemic restrictions. 


CORONA – The hardest challenge to the world. But we encountered it bravely focusing on TEACHERS’ EMPOWERMENT.  Our teachers were back to school in the second half of May, 2020 (by following all the terms and conditions as specified by the government rules) Our teachers were empowered by the latest techniques of teachings. Some of them were as follows:


       All the teachers were introduced to the next level of teaching – The Online Classes! Through webinar from EducationKnot, experts tutored our teachers to handle the online classes.

POWER – POINT PRESENTATION                     

         All the teachers were taught to do the power-point presentation.  Weekly once, the teachers exhibited their presentations among themselves.


       The primary teachers were trained to teach the method of reading for the primary children using phonemics. This method gave a different dimension of teaching ‘How to read in English?’


      Our School founder, Mr.Channaraju had started this class for all the teachers to improve their English and communication skills. Along with the communication skills, the interpersonal skills were also focused in the class.


      We reached our students, who were left isolated in their homes, by whatsapp classes. These whatsapp classes were found to be very effective for all the students.


       We had started online classes for the students of 9th and 10th grade. We’re able to reach our students through advanced level of teaching. These online classes proved the beautiful saying- ‘One should never be limited by challenges’.

Online session in Digital classroom by HM


        The staff children were given special coachings by our teachers. Not only in the areas of curricular activities but also in the areas of extra-curricular activities. For instance, songs of various languages were taught to the primary level children. Crafts were taught to these children for their skill development. They are provided with milk in the mornings and lunch.


We continued to celebrate major festivals in school both in pre and during corona period by following social distancing.

              DATE                EVENTS , FESTIVALS AND CELEBRATIONS
 14TH JAN, 2020 PONGAL FESTIVAL – In our school, we’d celebrated Pongal by preparing the traditional sweet –Pongal and also by performing pooja for cows.
 26TH JAN, 2020 REPUBLIC DAY – We’d celebrated the Republic Day in a grand manner. The celebration became vibrant by the presence of Prayas Team and Shri.AjaySreshti & his family.
 1ST FEB, 2020 TEACHERS’ RETREAT – Teachers were given a rejuvenating trip to Somnathpur, Thalakad, Gagana chukki and Barachukki waterfalls.
 5TH JUN, 2020 WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL DAY – We’d celebrated World Environmental Day by planting saplings. Our old students gifted coconut saplings to the school.
 31ST JUL, 2020 VARAMAHALAKSHMI FESTIVAL – We’d celebrated Varamahalakshmi Festival in our school in a simple but traditional way.
 11TH AUG, 2020 KRISHNA JANMASHTAMI – We’d celebrated Krishna Janmashtami by doing special pooja for the idol of Lord Krishna.
 15TH AUG, 2020 INDEPENDENCE DAY – We’d celebrated the Independence Day in a simple manner. The celebration became fulfilled by the presence of Prayas team and Shri.Shaam & Smt.Grishma.
 21ST AUG, 2020 GANESH CHATURTHI – We’d celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi by doing special pooja for the idol of Lord Ganesha.
 31ST AUG, 2020 ONAM FESTIVAL – We’d celebrated Onam by designing the pookalam in the traditional method which is followed in Kerala.
 5TH SEP, 2020 TEACHER’S DAY – We’d celebrated the Teacher’s Day in a simple manner. Our old students gifted flowering plants to the school and the teachers.
 14TH SEP, 2020 DONARS’ VISIT – Shri.Istarth and Shri.Shamanth from Anthill Creations presented 72 boxes of ‘Play in a Box’ – a new dimension to indoor games.
 2ND OCT, 2020 GANDHI JAYANTHI – We’d celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi with a lot of reverence to our ‘Father of the Nation’.
 15TH OCT, 2020 VISITORS FROM SMILE FOUNDATION – The co-ordinator Ms.Bendita along with Shri.Jitendra came to our school and interacted with our teachers on the ongoing activities of the school.
 22ND OCT, 2020 GRATITUDE DAY – Gratitude is the greatest of all the virtues in this world. In our school, we celebrate 22nd of October as Gratitude Day every year for the remembrance of our patron Late Shri.K.T.Narayan’s birthday.
 17TH TO 25TH OCT, 2020 NAVARATHRI FESTIVAL – We’d celebrated the Navarathri Festival by arranging ‘golu’ in a traditional method.
 1ST NOV, 2020 KANNADA RAJYOTHSAVA – Kannada Rajyothsava was celebrated by hoisting the flag of Karnataka and by singing Naada geethe.

Hope this letter helps you to be aware of happenings in Anjana. Going forward, will share these information on quarterly basis.

We would like to thank all the volunteers, the well wishers and the donors who had given generously of their time and energy towards helping the school to progress even in the challenging period of Covid – 19 – The pandemic. We are looking forward to your involvement and suggestions for improving all the areas which lead to our students’ development.                                               

Happy Deepavali and advance wishes for a bright 2021 ahead!

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A Rural School Providing Meaningful Education to Disadvantaged Rural Children. The school is built and managed by Brahmi (www.brahmi.org).
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